Patch Notes - 29th January
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Greetings, inhabitants of Ernas! It's been a while since you haven't seen this type of content, and here it is, real fresh! Event Dungeons, beautiful and dear packages is the least you can expect to find here. We know you have an incredible urge to scroll down looking for your favorite part of the Grand Chase, so let's go.

Much of the content was chosen with the help and our Subscribers! So, some of our players' favorite content has finally returned! Amazing!


Important Note:

As already reported on our Discord channel, several Grand Chase servers are being targeted by a third party company hired by KoG itself, which is trying to take down all services and content related to Grand Chase's private servers. We have been fighting since December to keep the server online and functional for you, with updates, changes and news that this beloved game deserves and needs. Due to this situation, we chose to work on content development in a cautious way, and this explains why some new content does not enter at the moment. While we analyze and carefully resolve the current situation of our server and other issues in a safe way so that nothing bad happens to the server, we are working on new content to be implemented when the server is stabilized.

We apologize and thank you for your understanding.




Angry Bosses returns to the server as the Grand Chase goes through several obstacles to prove its worth and effort.
Get your friends together to fight all the bosses and get lots of rewards for their hard work!

Angry Bosses - Available Drops
Hero's Bullion
Epic and Ancient Essence
Duel Jr. and Berkas Jr.
GP Prop Reset Form
GP Random Prop Reset Form
Bag (+60)
Seal Breaker (1 unit)
Random Necklace Box
Grade Refinery Scroll (+10 to +17)
Special Reinforcement Release Scroll
Iron Dragon Scales
Random Ancient Wings Box
Concentrated Magic Crystal
Random Eternal Guardian Box
Upgraded Pet Attack for Dark Disciple and Duel Jr.



The Grand Chase heroes were hungry and were drawn to a festival full of delicious food in a village where they will have to unravel some secrets and escape from Gumiho, the soul-eater.

The mission has three different routes leading to the boss, two of them leading to the common boss and one leading to the secret boss. The path leading to the secret boss is on a hidden route in phase three that can only be accessed in Hard or Infernal Modes and requires the protection of Jeremiah Toad to face it.
In addition, you may use Fox Jewel Shard, Celestial Energy, and Light Pearl items in the Build system. This will allow you to create several themed items!

Check out the possible drops that can be obtained in the dungeon:

Moonlight Village - Available Drops
Rainbow Pouch
Card Box (All Continents)
HP Pots (Large)
Moonlight Village Ring Box
Moonlight Village Earring Box
Moonlight Village Mask
Moonlight Pearl
Luminous Pearl
Fox Jewel Fragment
Celestial Energy
[Card] Cyclops Goblin
[Card] Haetae
[Card] Manic Seller
[Card] Trader Tiger
[Card] Cursed Box
[Card] Lothus, the Hotel owner
[Card] Lothus Jr.
[Card] Gumilho
GP Random Prop Reset Form

Kumi Visual Package for Mari and Uno, respectively.



Returns on our server an event much loved by the community: the GC Hunt! To participate, you must visit all regions of Ernas and earn different prizes by defeating the mission bosses in Heroic Mode. For each defeated boss, you add a prize to your collection, which can be checked in the special event window opened through the Events tab of the menu. Prizes are counted directly in the event window, so you cannot find them in the character inventory.

In this edition of the event, by completing ALL collections from ALL regions you will be able to obtain the exclusive Caxias Grandiel Jr. mascot for maximum reward and a special attack called Arcane Ray. By completing a continent's prize collection, you'll receive loads of this new attack.

Loads vary by continent completed:

Continents Arcane Ray Charges
Bermesiah 20
Silver Land 30
Ellia 40
Xenia 50
Aton 100
Archmedia 100

Already own Grandiel Jr? Do not worry! You can exchange your repeated pet for 200 Arcane Ray charges in the forge!



Zenith is a point of reference for sky observation, a concept used in the natural sciences, especially astronomy. It is defined as the point just above a specific place, that is, from a point on a horizontal surface an imaginary line is drawn perpendicular to the plane, the point above the sphere is the Zenith.
There is another meaning for the word Zenith, which derives from an Arabic expression meaning "direction of head" or "path above head." It can also be used to define the highest point in the sky where a celestial object passes its apparent path.

It is with this interesting context that we bring back to you the Visual Zenith Package!

Zenith Visual Package for Ronan and Lire, respectively.

Below you can check this month's VIP reward table:

1.000 to 3.999

Mission Event Ticket (15 Units)
Champion Mode Ticket (30 Units)
Gacha Poin Coin [CASH] (10 Units)
Donation Celestial Star Signboard
Zenith Visual Package Box (1 Unit)

4.000 to 8.999

GP Random Prop Reset From (3 Units)
Gacha Poin Coin [CASH] (15 Units)
Seal Breaker Scroll (30 Units)
Donation Love Star Signboard

Zenith Visual Package Box (1 Unit)

9.000 to 13.999

Black Snake Anklet Box (1 Unit)
Black Snake Necklace Box (1 Unit)
Grade +17 Refinery Scroll (3 Units)

Donation Pink Star Signboard
Zenith Visual Package Box (2 Units)

14.000 to 15.999

GP Prop Reset Form (6 units)
Visual Inventory +100 Bag (1 Units)

Single Property Scroll (3 Units)
Donation Flower Star Signboard
Zenith Visual Package Box (2 Units)

16.000 or More

[Card] Corrupted Gadosen (3 Units)
[Card] Human Form Kaze'aze (3 Units)
Pet Glyph Selectable Box (1 Unit)

Donation Real Star Signboard (VIP)
Zenith Visual Package Box (14 Units)

By equipping the Zenith Visual Wings of Legendary status, your character will enable a new pose in the room. You can also use this pose with any other look, just equip the wings.

Warning: Transforming the Wings into another look will cause it to lose its unique effect.




After that Zenith class, have you heard of Nadir?
Nadir is considered the opposite of Zenith, that is, the heavenly reference point that opposes Zenith. As Zenith is regarded as the highest region above the celestial sky watcher's head, Nadir consists of the lowest point below the feet of the same watcher.

In this way, we present to you the look and feel of the VIP system: the Nadir Visual Package!


By equipping the Nadir Visual Wings of Legendary status, your character will enable a new pose in the room. You can also use this pose with any other look, just equip the wings.

Warning: Transforming the Wings into another look will cause it to lose its unique effect.



We will also bring a rotation of the SB Gacha, as usual. This time, our dear Subscribers helped us decide what the next rotation will be, and here we are:

All SB Gacha Available
Arcanjo de El



Our Gacha Pon in this edition brings back incredible and beautiful packages, so you can enjoy the oriental theme again. Have fun immersing yourself in oriental culture!

Gacha Pon - Available Drops
CASH Machine sbta155374.png?6
Sakura Visual Package
Chinese Wedding Visual Package
Qipao Visual Package
Imperial Visual Package
Shinobi Visual Package
Sayajin Visual Package


 Sakura Visual Package for Uno and Lime, respectively.


Chinese Wedding Visual Package for Rufus and Amy, respectively.


Qipao Visual Package for Arme and Asin, respectively.


Imperial Visual Package for Elesis and Dio, respectively.


Shinobi Visual Package for Rufus and Ley, respectively.

Saiyajin Visual Package for Jin.



James can no longer bear to carry Miss Ley’s purchases, how can we help you? 😖

Our showcase will be updated as well, and will feature, in addition to other items, the wonderful Air, Water and Mist packages!




Mist Visual Package Air Visual Package Water Visual Package
uCbdJMm.png 1000 CASH uCbdJMm.png 1000 CASH uCbdJMm.png 1000 CASH




Moonlight Village Visual Package Priest Visual Package Harvest Visual Package
uCbdJMm.png 1000 CASH uCbdJMm.png 1000 CASH uCbdJMm.png 700 CASH
sbta157728.png sbta104185.png?6 sbta60641.png?6
Priest Visual Accessories Aquarius Anklet Oriental Items for Playhouse
uCbdJMm.png 200 CASH uCbdJMm.png 400 CASH uCbdJMm.png Various


Visual Packages: Priestess for Lin and Priest for Veigas, respectively.


Moonlight Village Visual Package for Uno and Lime, respectively.


Visual Packages: Mist for Ronan, Air for Jin and Water for Lass, respectively.


Harvest Festival Visual Package for Ryan and Lire, respectively.



Help our heroes by collecting Hero Coins and purchasing items and wonders for their journey to make our heroes even stronger and more incredible! Check the rotation of this update now:

sbta15000.png?6 sbta65780.png?6 sbta99330.png?6
Sakura Visual Weapons Lunar Rabbit Bakunawa
Individual, Visual Mascote Mascote
sbta36208.png?6 400 sbta36208.png?6 250 sbta36208.png?6 300
K0ejmcE.png sbta190029.png?6 IFWiVnu.png
Taiyiki Big Head Bucket Big Head Cup Noodles Big Head
Individual, Visual Individual, Visual Individual, Visual
sbta36208.png?6 200 sbta36208.png?6 200 sbta36208.png?6 200

Taiyaki Big Head for Elesis and Bucket for Lire, respectively.

Cup Noodles Helmet for Elesis.



Last but not least, we will also be updating the Forge System! Check below our contents of this special oriental themed rotation!





Chinese Visual
Truth Visual Package Sacred Warrior Visual Package Mini Monge
Furious Monge
Individual, Visual, Partes Individual, Visual, Parts Individual, Visual, Parts Common, Equipment Common, Equipment
  • 23 Epic Essence
  • 1.000.000 GP
  • 8 Ancient Essence
  • 50 Winning Coin
  • 100 Sonho Perdido
  • 1.000.000 GP
  • 100 Sonho Perdido
  • 1.000.000 GP





Gundam Wings
Elf Wings
Demon Wings
Kamiki Visual Weapons Gorgos Visual Weapons
Common, Visual Common, Visual Common, Visual Individual, Visual Individual, Visual
  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500.000 GP
  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500.000 GP
  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 100 Crystals
  • 500.000 GP
  • 5 Epic Essence
  • 5 Epic Essence

Chinese Visual Package for Edel and Lass, respectively.

Truth Visual Package for Mari and Zero, respectively.


Sacred Warrior Visual Package for Arme and Ronan, respectively.




- Arme & Lass

- Sieghart & Mari
- Elesis & Jin
- Elesis & Lass
- Sebastian
- Oz Pone Max Reinhardt
- Bíblia da Revelação
- James
- Violeta
- Alfred
- Sellion
- Chester
- Mary Jane
- Urso Preto
- Sarimanok
- Kungji
- Texugo
- Nekobot
- Emily
- Elena
- Tomo
- Monkey P. Ruivo
- Hanana